Internet censorship hits Trigglypuff exposer

Based Mary, the pseudonym of a girl operating under the Twitter handle ‘Trigglycuck’ has been taken off the air by the site’s administrators.

Rendering an account unusable by preventing or heavily restricting activity without overt notification is often referred to as ‘shadowbanning’ – the practice is so well known that it even has its own Wikipedia page. The reason for the admins extending a shadowban to Trigglycuck in this way is not known and Twitter admins were unfortunately unavailable for comment.

Trigglycuck shot to fame after covertly filming an incidence of protestor rage at ‘The Triggering’ or a talk at UMass by a panel consisting of four conservative speakers well known for their tendency and inclination to go beyond the pale in the interests of maintaining the sanctity and inviolability of free speech. Milo Yiannopolous, the well-known conservative provocateur and journalist for Breitbart News as well as renowned Feminist academic Christina Hoff Sommers were both in attendance. While many students had decided to stage sit-in protests at the invitation of the four onto the UMass campus, the conduct of one girl in particular as captured in a 5 second Youtube video was notable enough to rack up over half a million views in a matter of days.

The similarities are undeniable

The girl in question was christened ‘Trigglypuff’ by the internet – because of both her extremely triggered state and her uncanny resemblance to the 1st gen pokémon, Jigglypuff. Trigglycuck, then, was the twitter handle that Based Mary chose to use as she surfed on the back of her newfound popularity towards internet fame. However, not a single one of her total of 19 tweets since account creation up until her unceremonious banning has been offensive or derogatory in any way.

The ban, then, no doubt comes at a surprise to Based Mary – as it would to any individual inadvertently running afoul of surprise censorship policies. But is it really a surprise?

Recently the trend has come to light of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter censoring and removing opinions and comments that don’t conform to the left-wing agenda of those sites’ creators. The issue is so serious in fact that billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg agreed to meet with leading conservative icons in the US to discuss it earlier this week. Twitter censoring is happening too at an alarming rate, and the shadowy practice was even reportedly corroborated by Twitter insiders.

Shadowbanning, censoring, and similar restrictive practices directed towards some conservative speakers appears to be happening on a massive scale. You don’t even have to be as famous as Lauren Southern or Milo Yiannopolous to fall afoul of the practice either – even Trigglycuck, an innocent twitter user with less than 500 followers became a victim. While no law is technically being broken here as both Facebook and Twitter are private entities with the legal right to censor opinions, the denial of service to those based on perfectly legitimate alternative viewpoints constitutes a form of ideological discrimination, and presents a worrying view of the future to those of us who don’t happen to follow the leftist consensus.

Will TG Miller



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