Michelle Fields Sells Her Soul to the HuffPost

Have you ever been so mad you cucked yourself entirely?

Who could forget Michelle Fields; former darling reporter for Breitbart News? Everyone, probably. I know I had erased all traces of her from my mind until I noticed a certain person trending again:

You know the job market’s bad when you have to switch to a network with diametrically opposing viewpoints just to get hired

Michelle Fields is most famous not for any actual work that she has done, but for being allegedly assaulted by Corey Lewandowski, manager for businessman Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She insisted that Lewandowski tried to throw her to the ground during an altercation that occurred as she approached Donald Trump as he was leaving an event. Other media outlets also picked up on this, and the story began to gain speed. Here is her original statement:

“Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.”

Unfortunately for her, opinion was divided as to the veracity of the allegations, with her employers at Breitbart refusing to take her side. Trump himself used a CNN interview as an opportunity to refute her claims, stating unequivocally that he would not fire Lewandowski and that he disagreed with Fields’ side of the story.

Whether for good or ill, the disagreement between Fields and her employers at Breitbart caused her to leave the company. Fields quit Breitbart along with conservative heartthrob Ben Shapiro in a highly publicized affair that was covered gleefully by Buzzfeed News, as well as other leftist media outlets drooling at the infighting on the side of the Trump campaign. The entire scandal divided conservatives greatly and many were unsure of which side to support – Fields, with her victim narrative and Ben Shapiro backing, or Breitbart, with their insistence on evidence and Trump support. While Lewandowski was not charged and is the de facto ‘winner’ in this case, much damage has been done to Trump’s campaign over Fields’ allegations of assault.

Fields has kept a relatively low profile until the current announcement that she will be working for the Huffington Post. To me though, the fact that Fields has sold out the conservative movement to go join one of the most far-left outlets on the American media stage is an indication of her trustworthiness as an individual. She has literally cucked herself – screwed herself by turning her back on the movement she worked to build up. It is an irony only made more sweet by her personal attacks on HuffPost in the past.

It’s funny, but not surprising to me that this is the next step in the story of Michelle Fields. In fact it makes a lot of sense for a reporter seemingly willing to lie and exaggerate on an allegation of serious assault to go join the team over at HuffPost. They are, of course, known for their journalistic integrity and high ethical standards. Furthermore, being a white woman, Fields will no doubt be in good company over at the HuffPost given that their editorial board looks like this:


Will TG Miller

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